Bienvenidos! My name is Stephanie Vazquez and my passion is promoting health and a happy lifestyle. I’m not going to say I’m from “Chicago, Chicago” because I’m not- I’m from the western suburbs of it. There is a difference, trust me!

I have always been a go-getter. While attending the University of Illinois at Chicago full-time, I was the vice-president of Lambda Zeta Chi sorority, worked an office job, worked in my favorite restaurant to date, instructed a couple of group fitness classes, and had the time to continue my passion by dancing for a couple of Chicago sports teams. I wasn’t and never will be a couch-potato!Β 

With years of experience in group fitness and personal training, I have decided to continue my mission of helping people love life and stay healthy while at it. Through my blog, I will be sharing life stories and tips, the spice(fun) I’ve had, and places I’ve visited that have stolen my heart.

Majority of my posts are simply my opinion and are not guaranteed to fit well with others. Everyone is different and life would be boring if otherwise! I’m looking forward to inspiring you to get out of your comfort zone!


NASM Personal Trainer
CPR/AED First Aid

Specializing in:

Weight Loss
Strength & Conditioning

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