Behind the Name: Life, Spice, and Paradise

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Did you know that 4 out of 5 domestic trips are just for fun? Visiting friends and family, shopping, dining, and sight-seeing are the main reasons people take vacations according to U.S. Travel Association. Are you part of that statistic, whether it be that you took a trip for fun or were you the odd ball who didn’t go for leisure at all? I have so many friends and family members who haven’t taken a trip in years! Are you ready to go to “paradise” in your life?

I promise you, paradise doesn’t have to be a plane ride away, nor a day stuffed in a hot car with screaming kids. Although my blog is to encourage you to go lay by the ocean and explore the wonders of the world, I want you to remember paradise is also where you make it.Β My personal goal is to one day sayΒ I currently say “I live in paradise.” Why would you make your dream of a paradise future tense? Exactly, beats me! Your paradise is around you NOW.

Okay Steph, but how does paradise tie into your blog name?

My bad, got a little caught up because having you understand what paradise means really excites me! So, I was asking so many friends to take a poll on different blog names, and there were many runner-ups, actually heck, there was definitely a first place winner until I asked my sister in law. She asked, “Wait, what about Life, Spice, and Paradise?” I smiled so hard because I knew that was what won ME, not my friends. (Thank you Lisa for such a catchy and memorable name for my blog! Since you named “my child” hopefully I can name Bane’s next best friend!)

I always intended my blog to be about helping others. (A little bio about me can be found here!) I’ve always been into fitness, however I didn’t want it to only revolve around that. I want everyone to make my stories relevant to theirs. Below are my key ingredients…

  • Life – To give tips, reviews, real stories, and to truly connect with everyone. We are all human. It is unrealistic to believe that people on social media are happy with laughter 100% of the time.
  • Spice – To bring out the FUN! When I was going through initiation for my sorority, one of my interview questions was to describe myself in one word. I said “spice” and all of the active sisters were impressed that I thought out of the box. To this day, I take that word with me and I want people to go out of their comfort zone, to be themselves when society is telling them otherwise.
  • Paradise – To give insights on my travels and inspire others to get lost in bliss, as I have numerous times with Mexico’s oceans, Colorado’s mountains, and heck even two hours away to Starved Rock!
Starved Rock, LaSalle County, IL, paradise
Starved Rock, LaSalle County, IL with my chicas


I will continue my passion and idea of “paradise” on my next blog post! Stay tuned on how we can all make simple life changes everyday that will get us closer to our versions of paradise. Thank you for visiting!


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