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Ever been on a diet, reach the number you wanted, stopped tracking your calories, only to find yourself gaining more weight than before? Have you considered that you restricted yourself SO much during your diet, that your body doesn’t know what to do with the junk food that it stores it as fat?

If your trainer has you on a chicken and broccoli diet 24/7, run… My number one advice for nutrition is that if you have to have something, have it in moderation! Below are some key tips to remember when you don’t have an Arbonne shake RTD(ready to drink), on vacation, or forgot to make dinner the night before.


Drink at least a glassful of water before you eat to ensure you aren’t eating because you are actually thirsty, and to not overeat on the calories to come. Make sure you have your Arbonne Detox tea ready to start flushing out the toxins that you ingested while you decided to “live life!” When I say “live life,” it’s a good thing!


If you’re following a pure, safe, and beneficial lifestyle like me, you’ll know what it feels like to eat something such as dairy, gluten, or hormone filled. Stomach cramps, bloating, gas, indigestion… yeah I won’t even continue. For 5 minutes of satisfaction, is it worth the effects?


Had a bad meal? Had a bad day, week, month? It happens! For the second time, we are human! The key is consistency and knowing you’ll have to get back to the grind after a setback. This is where the magic of transformation happens… through continuing what you’ve been doing for success no matter the challenge you overcome.


GoΒ through your brain’s dictionary and get rid of the word “diet.” As soon as you start labeling things as good or bad, you create an unhealthy relationship with food. Don’t be victim to a yo-yo diet, make a lifestyle change, eat what you want in moderation, and you’ll have the health you deserve!


Remember the following guideline on a recommended plate. If you want details on WHAT type of

veggies, fats, carbs, and protein are pure, safe, and beneficial for a healthier you, send me an e-mail at


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  1. I love food and enjoy the taste of food. When I have food it reminds me of where I was when i had the food. I love gaining the portions I need.

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