Forever Seven in the Rockies

I’ve been to Denver before but July 2017 was my first visit to Colorado Springs. What a difference… I swear I’m becoming more of a country girl every trip I take. Traveling with three of my great friends, each with their own personality, I knew it was a trip bound to make some great memories. With a $70 round trip through Frontier, we packed our backpacks to avoid the carry-on fees because let’s be honest, we like to be cheap.

The first night we arrived, we checked into our Suite, had some relaxation time because we knew we wanted to go HAM later in the evening. Pool side it was! But weren’t we on a vacation? Why would we lay by the pool when we are in Colorado?! Vacation is a time away from normal life, maybe our lives are too hectic back at home a little downtime is what we need. It doesn’t always necessarily mean we have to dive right into being tourists. Anyways, creeper me by the poolside notices a family of kids just having the time of their life in the pool with one ball. No iPads, no electronics, just how kids are meant to play. It was very refreshing to see compared to the iPad addicted city kids. One day I hope to teach my nephews, nieces, maybe my own kids, the value of playtime vs. “screen time.” These kids will remember that one time in Colorado playing “monkey in the middle” with a mountain view; they won’t remember the “unboxing” YouTube video they were dying to see. (I can’t believe this is what my 11 year old cousin is so eager to watch on a daily basis.)

(Side note: A few days before the trip, I started a detox in which I had to cut coffee out. As much as I wanted to stay commited, I was on vacation and could not handle the withdrawal headache nor could my friends handle me being a lame ass. It’s just crazy to me how much little things we put in our body each day really do affect our bodies and we don’t notice them. Food or drinks shouldn’t be giving us withdrawal symptoms like this!)

Day two consisted of free hotel breakfast because did I mention we like to be cheap? Haha. Day went on as we ventured to Garden of The Gods, a Colorado National Landmark. I’ve hiked trails before, but nothing like Garden of The Gods. Not only were the mountains breathtaking, but the flowers and upkeep the city of Colorado Springs puts into this place is amazing. It was clean, trail maps everywhere, very easy to navigate.

Third day was a charm… literally. We ventured into this cute gem of a town called Manitou Springs after walking down Rainbow Falls. I swear it was something you see out of an old classic movie. Cutest Mom and Pop shops, restaurants, boutiques, and best of all…. an arcade smack dab in the middle of it! No entrance fee, just part of the town! I was able to play a classic game of skee-ball for 25 cents! The cute area had a collection of antique quarter rides. Any of my friends with kids, PLEASE, go visit this town when they are of age. You will not regret it.

During the evening, we ventured about an hour and half out to Morrison, CO to see a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Umphrey’s McGee is an American Jam Band who was up to play that night. The venue was amazing! The view of the rocks, the well planned out lighting, the concessions, couldn’t expect less!

Thank you Sophia, Kate, and Leanne for letting me be seven again in the breathtaking mountains!


  1. Quitting caffeine right before a trip? Yeah, I definitely couldn’t do that. I’ve never been out that way but I’d love to…pics are beautiful.

  2. This is great! My husband and I have been considering a CO trip so I’ll be sure to include this in the places we would like to check out. I understand the withdrawal symptoms of coffee. It SUCKS!
    Great post!

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