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As you all may know, my passion has been dance ever since I was little. Until recently, I have found my love for dancing resurface as I stopped making it a priority for a bit. I took a free Barre class hosted by The Barre Code in MB Financial Park in Rosemont. The class format that I had taken was Barre-dio and although I knew it was a dance format, I didn’t know how energetic and challenging the class one and since then I was hooked.

Led by example

So here I am, led by the amazing Ali, pouring my heart out and wanted more and more. That’s what’s important to me about a fitness class, I have to STAY engaged and keep pushing. It really comes down to the energy the instructor has. Think about it, you have an instructor who is energetic, smiley, loud, outgoing, how can you NOT be given off that same energy?! I was so into the zone that I actually won the prize that night for the person who stuck out to them the most!

What sets The Barre Code apart?

I decided to commit to a week of The Barre Code as they always have amazing discounts for new members. I took classes that ranged from:

The Barre Code: Their classic 50 minute total body workout using isometric exercises to challenge the mind and body

TBC(Total Body Conditioning): Bootcamp style strength workout that incorporates cardio and plyometric segments to build stamina and endurance

BarRestore: A mix of “The Barre Code” and restorative exercises through active recovery

Barre-dio: Choreographed fun dance sequences that is welcome to all levels of booty-shakin’ queens!

The above are just a few but I know that they offer Brawl which is a kickboxing class and other amazing class formats as well!

What made me review this business is how amazing their staff is! Everyone is so friendly and take the time to get to know you. Apart from that, this franchise is really becoming a one stop shop. There are many barre studios out there but this one offers more than just pure Barre. It has your dance, your HIIT class for an extra push from those weekend calories, and classes that incorporate restorative movements for the mind and soul.

But, haven’t I always been into low reps, heavy weight?

Why would I switch from my weight lifting routine that I have followed for years to sculpt my body? Why would I now change to low weight, high repetitions? I wouldn’t! A great routine has your body guessing and incorporating both types of fitness routines. Barre is great to incorporate your type 1(slow twitch) muscles for endurance while compound movements like squats are important for type 2(fast twitch) muscles for developing muscle tissue, strength, and power. Building muscle is important for metabolism to burn more calories at rest resulting in achieving lean body mass quicker. For me, I’m doing what I love, and challenging my muscles to shake, as I love/hate my instructor for putting me through this pain.

I’ll tell you this, you’ll never regret a good tuck and burn.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, please check out The Barre Code! I go to the one in Lombard but there are many locations throughout Chicago, the suburbs, as well as other states in the US. It’s so awesome it’s growing that fast! I wasn’t asked to do this review, I just simply wanted to show how happy I am that I have found this studio and hope that it will inspire all my friends to try it out as it is simple for ANYONE, not just for dancers!

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  1. Always wanted to try barre, but haven’t yet. I like that you did a one-week commitment to test it out. That’s what I should try too. Thanks for inspiring me. 🙂

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