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Being in the fitness industry for over 5 years, I get so many questions on what I do for my regimen and workouts. Everyone is different. You have to find what is best for you! Do not look for a quick fix… you’ll regret going the fast route only to gain it all back and/or more! However, what I will lay down for you in this post is something EVERYONE can use.

Your mind is the most powerful tool in sustaining the goals you have reached so hard to achieve. An overused quote, “The body achieves what the mind believes” is absolutely dead on. If you believe it will happen and have faith in yourself, it WILL! Below are a few tips that can help in achieving your goals that have worked for me.

  1. Workout before work

    It’s easier than you think. Set your alarm and get your butt to the gym! The hardest part is getting there. Going to the gym before work has helped me stay on track throughout the day with food because I don’t want to offset the hard work I woke up to do. Also, if I do HIIT early in the morning it actually works as an appetite suppression by reducing the amount of hormones that stimulates hunger. Lastly, working out in the morning helps me not make excuses after work such as “I’m too tired” or “I’ll do it tomorrow.

  2. Throw the scale away

    Go off of pictures and a tape measure! The scale is your worst enemy because it doesn’t account for body fat or muscle mass. If I were to tell you my weight, I’d be “obese” according to the body mass index chart. It’s not accurate! I love when my clothes fit and how I look in the mirror. When I used to track my weight, I’d be more inclined to not eat enough, thus ending in a binge episode. A number on the scale was telling me I didn’t work hard. Funny, because my body fat was getting lower even though the scale stayed the same.

  3. Switch up your workouts

    It’s very easy to get bored with workouts and stop your routine completely. What has worked for me has been switching up my types of workouts! The right program will have a variety so you shock your body and keeps it guessing! I weight train, incorporate steady state cardio, HIIT, and take group classes such as the one pictured (heart-rate based training which I THRIVE upon), Barre or Zumba. Taking those group classes reminds me of being on a dance team, I love looking at my form in the mirror and perfecting the workout. I’m in my zone! Find what you love! It could be a boot camp class, soccer, softball teams, something FUN! You won’t even think of these as workouts.

  4. Sleep between 7-8 hours

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    For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why no matter how hard I worked, I was still hungry ALL DAY! With my nutrition also not on point, my sleep pattern was horrible. Some days I’d sleep 5 hours, others 6. I can’t stress enough that sleep is very important to achieving your goals. Without enough sleep, your body doesn’t have time to produce the “Okay, thanks I’m full!” hormone(leptin) and in fact ends up with an increase in the “FEED ME!” hormone(ghrelin). This study can be found through this link.

  5. Your only competition is YOU

    I swear, the amount of fitness models I followed on Instagram was about 80%. Seeing them everyday was supposed to be my motivation. However, most models I followed were competitors, or fitness models who get paid to look like they do. Following them created unrealistic goals on how I should look like. It was a mental battle to stop comparing myself to them. I have have a rectangle body so I’m straight up and down with no hips. What did I do to stop thinking so negatively? I started embracing! For my workouts, I target specific body parts like my lats and abductors(illustrated) to give the illusion of having a waist. Never have I been more in love with my body… plus, I no longer kill myself at the gym and with my nutrition to look like the unrealistic fitness models. I encourage you to write these down and affirm daily, “I am ME. I am unique. No one else has the power of being me. People love me for ME.” Focus on you and enjoy the ride to happiness!

Although I have plenty of more tips to come, these 5 have been my saviors! They have helped me stay consistent as well as helped me mentally with overcoming my mind whenever I feel like giving up. Please, consider taking these tips into your own lifestyle.

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with monthly challenges and workouts. I take passion in coaching people who need that extra “push” or accountability partner. Please visit this page if you have questions on pricing.

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